Jaguar XF Tops Satisfaction Poll

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF Tops UK's biggest Satisfaction Poll

Auto Express Magazine readers have voted the Jaguar XF "Britains Best Car", in the 2009 Driver Power survey. The Auto Express survey questioned driver satisfaction in a host of key areas – including reliability and build quality, ownership and running costs, as well as performance, ride and handling. Questions also focused on a vehicle's practicality, comfort and ease of driving.

The XF scored 91.18% overall - enough for top spot.

Commenting on this, Jaguar MD Mike O'Driscoll said: "Securing top place in the UK motoring community's top driver satisfaction poll is an excellent result. This reflects our continuing commitment to produce a consistent high quality driving and ownership experience for all of our customers."

Another great result in the XF's already bulging trophy cabinet, and that besfor the new 3.0 diesel variants have been in the market for any period of time.

Jaguar XF Station Wagon / Estate

Jaguar XF Station Wagon

Jaguar XF Station Wagon / Estate
This has to be one of the best renderings yet of a potential Jaguar XF Station Wagon (or Estate car as we like to call them in England). It is just a photoshop image unfortunately, courtesy of Auto Express - link to their full article at the bottom.

What has sparked this are persistent rumours of a Station wagon version of the XF will be shown at the Frankfurt motorshow in September 2009. Jaguar has always denied this car exists, with demand for the car expected to be mainly limited to Europe, where estate cars are still more popular than the big SUV's, in fact SUV sales have fallen away dramatically in Europe over the last 12 months. however, as sales of SUVs are also slipping in the US, Jaguar may feel the time is right for the XF to strike, competing with the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Merc E-Class who all have estate versions in their line up.

The one thing going against this rumour is that Jaguar is launching the new XJ model in July, and the Frankfurt show in September will be its first big public appearance, so Jaguar may not want to steal the new XJ's limelight by introducing other new models at the same time.

To see the full auto Express Article, just follow this link: Auto Express Article

New Jaguar XFR !!!

Jaguar XFR

Finally The New XFR Is Revealed

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the moment we've all been waiting for - the new Jaguar XFR has finally been shown to the public for the first time at the Detroit motorshow, and its simply gorgeous!

Pictures hardly do the car justice, so lets get on to the details, sexy exterior first: What you can see are the trademark R bonnet vents from the Jaguar XFR along with a much deeper front bumper with huge chromed air intakes to help the engine breathe, and a deeper protruding front splitter-like lip to give front downforce. Sculpted deep side sills help the look, as does a discreet boot spoiler and trademark R quad exhausts poking out from under the new rear bumper. And to top it off there's a great looking set of turbine style 20" alloys in the style of turbine rotors.

Jaguar XFR Wheels

So its a head turner, but how fast does it go? More good news looking at the performance statistics - Jaguar is clearly back into the power war with the German big boys: an all new 510 bhp 5.0 litre V8 motor, (known as the AJ V8 Gen III) with 625Nm of torque available from very low revs means the XFR will have the M5 beat in most driving conditions, due to not just more power but more accessible power 0-60 takes only 4.7 seconds.

Alongside this mighty motor, the Jaguar XFR has some advanced chassis upgrades over the standard XF: a faster steering rack gives more responsive handling, and the standard CATS suspension has been ditched for some electronically controlled Bistein shocks which are linked to the new active rear differential as seen in the latest Ferraris, all controlled on board, meaning if you want to take the XFR to the track and produce some 100 yard powerslides then no problem.

The XFR debuts at your local dealer in March with UK prices set at £59,900 but expect a waiting list. We are looking forward to both reading the road test reports from all the motoring press on this one and also taking this beast for a spin ourselves - we will report back as soon as we've had our bum on the beautifully sculpted seat.